AI & Ethics: A framework for digital health solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) has received considerable expectations from the scientific and business community in recent years.

Along with a general optimism about the potential applications of AI, the development of this technology has also been accompanied, from the beginning, by a concern about the risks that the use of some of these applications entails.

In this next Meetup co-organized by Health 2.0 Barcelona, Health 2.0 Buenos Aires and Meetup AI Berlin, we invite you to address the ethical considerations to be taken into account in the development and implementation of this type of technology, especially in the digital health ecosystem.

We will have renowned specialists in the field to share their knowledge and reflections with us:

Raj Pallapothu, Managing Director, Bio 9 Ventures

Sebastià Agramunt, Machine Learning and Privacy Engineer

Dr Vince Madai, senior medical AI researcher at Charité hospital

Andrea Barbiero, founder Health 2.0 Buenos Aires

Moderated by Nicholas Borsotto, founder MeetupAI Berlin

We will end up with virtual networking.

We wait for you!!!

Coorganizado por Health 2.0 Barcelona, Health 2.0 Buenos Aires and Meetup AI Berlin.