How to Build a Community in Healthcare? My podcast on Faces of Digital Health

Early 2020, Tjasa Zajc, the founder of the podcast Faces of Digital Health was in Barcelona for a few days. She participated in our Health 2.0 Barcelona Meetup and shared her best podcast moments from 2019. Tjasa has a special interest in digital health and healthcare ecosystems around the world.

While Tjasa was in town, we recorded a podcast together where we discussed a topic that has been core to my life and close to my heart those past years: community building in healthcare. One of my proudest one being the Health 2.0 Barcelona chapter: Created 8 years ago, we have now over 1600 members and have organized more than 50 events. We also discussed how to build and maintain successful networks, how to engage healthcare professionals and what being a connector means.

Check Tjasa’s recap of the podcast and listen to the full podcast here: