Keeping your mind busy during COVID19

Here is a list of activities to keep you busy and mentally healthy while staying at home.


  • Headspace is offering a selection of free sessions to ‘weathering the storm’ : and FREE for healthcare professionals. Available in English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.
  • Calm also offers some free sessions. Available in English, German, French, Spanish, Korean, and Portuguese.



  • Clubs DIR. 15min classes of abdominals, Total Body, Latino dance, Pilates, HIIT, etc. More content available for members en In Spanish (that’s my gym, highly recommendable!)

Theatre and museums

  • The Royal Opera House is offering selected productions on demand free of charge:
  • The Met Opera New York: Free performance every night
  • 10 of the world best virtual museums:


  • Audible is making hundreds of titles available for free during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Fnac is releasing 500 ebooks to download for free. In French
  • Grace’s recommendations: What to read during a pandemic
  • Check my fav French writers : Musso and Marc Levy. I always feel great after reading their books


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