Here are some useful resources to keep up to date with the digital health ecosystem and tools to support startups in creating and scaling up their businesses.

  • Curated health: share and connect with like-minded people
  • Sifted: In-depth reporting, news and analysis on European startups and their founders, investors and partners
  • This Week in Digital Health: News, events and the people shaping Europe’s Digital Health
  • The Health Podcast Network: a repository of podcasts with insights, information and inspiration to improve health, care and well-being, from clinicians and executives, to investors and inventors, and everyone in between.
  • WTF Health: a platform that gives you a glimpse of the future of healthcare by introducing you to the people who are going to change it
  • Aboutdigitalhealth: News and knowledge about digital health
  • Mobihealthnews: the latest news about the international digital health ecosystem
  • Suggestions of people to follow on Twitter

Useful tools for startups: